Sunday, September 30, 2007

Summarising the week's training for Sept 07.

It has been a good last week of september. On Tuesday, did a fast 2 lap ride with the Cotes riding buddies.

On Thursday, ran a good 8km from my place to bedok reservoir and back home.

On Friday mornng, had a good swim after 2 weeks.

On Saturday moring, did a 6km run around Tampines.

Today morning, did a 70km loop of coastal and 1 climb of selarang. Met with Enrico, had a brief chat, saw the BSKL reload group riding in a close pack on the flats.

In short, I had a good week of training. Next week will be increasing the distance for my runs, ride and swim.

I should be doing a good 30% increase for all discipline by the end of the week. I am also counting down the days remaining to Langkawi Ironman, 145days left.

If my plans goes right, i should be doing a 150km ride by end this month, 2.4km swim and a half marathon.

Stay tune for more of my updates end this week. Cheers

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