Saturday, September 22, 2007

First Brisk Trg After Aviva 70.3

Got up early this morning to a perfect weather for riding. Set off at 6.30 am with my ride buddy Frankie and headed down to Coastal road.

The light breeze was very refreshing as we cycled along coastal road at a good pace of 35km/hr. Occasionally we had the sound of aeroplanes roaring as they took off from the runway that was just 500m away from the road.

We did a coastal -selarang climb and loop back to coastal. By the first loop of 30km, the traffic along selarang and the cargo complex began to built up. So instead of doing a second loop, we made 2 loops of coastal and completed my first long ride of 60km after 2 weeks of rest. I must say it was a good ride and we completed the loops in 1hr 40mins.

Back home, I took a half a power bar, Apple and Cinnamon flavour. I must say that when I first tried this stuff, it tasted like crab stuff to me. But having used it during Aviva 70.3 on the bike and run, I got to admit that it really helped me alot and now I am like dying to chew on these power bars whenever there is an opportunity.

Back to where I was, had a mix of Gatorade lime, put on my new NikeAir-zoom Skylon and off I went for a short 5Km run. During my run, I bumped into one of my fellow triathele whom I met during the Osim Sprint event. Stopped for a brief conversation and share our next events, he was preparing for the Stand Chart Marathon. I told him that I was in the midst of preparing for Langkawi Ironman. We wish each other the best and off we continued with our run.

Completed my run in 25mins and off I went to the food court to search for breakfast as by now I had already burnt 1600 calories and I was humgry for food.

Found my favourite dry mee-pok with fishball. Ordered 2 packets, one for the mother as my wife skips her breakfast everyday.

Wow, have to admit that the noodles was so good which puts an end to another good traning day for me. Going to skip training tomorrow as my sister-in law is getting married.


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