Sunday, October 7, 2007

Week ending Oct 07, 2007

It was a hectic week with deadlines on work assignments and limited time available for training.

Started my training week on tuesday evening with the ENR ride x 2 loops coastal, followed up with a 1 loop of coastal with Cotes. Worked out all the lactic acid and had my pulse racing to 210beats /mins for a while during the ride.

Finished the evening with a drink at the usual place for Cotes.

Wednesday and Thursday were non training days due to assignments.

Friday, went for a run in the evening, did a short 5km loop around my home.

Saturday morning, made an agreement with my daughter that I would run while she cycled to Bedok Reservoir. We did the inner track of Bedok Reservoir and made our way back home.
Covered 8km for the run.

I am still not getting enough mileages for my run. Must fit in a long run on next saturday morning, should at least do 3 loops of reservoir and back to home which should be 16KM.

This morning, did the BSKL reload ride with the ENR group. Cycled from east coast F2 to Tuas and back. We did a detour to marina south and on the way to tuas, used the flyover that stretched from Telok Blangah to Pasir Panjang. The ride on the flyover on the way back was a fast one at speeds not less than 39km for the entire stretch of the flyover. This was due to the back tailwind and drafts from the big container trucks. The total distances covered to and back was 77km with a reasonable good time of 2hr23mins.

Felt really tired after the ride, but still continued the outing with the family.

The week ahead looks better with alot of outsanding assignments completed. Hopefully I can put in a swim on Wednesday morning and Friday morning. A run on Thursday night and a long run on Saturday.

Sunday would probably be loops around the coastal road x 4 sets to try and hit the century distances.

I am also counting down the days to Langkawi with 138 days remaining. Stay tune for more updates next week.


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