Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tuesday ENR Ride

Finally the weather was kind enough to allow a Tuesday evening ride. As usual, I bike out to coastal road earlier than the ENR group to do the loops on my own.

I had a good ride for 3 loops of coastal, met up with the rest of the ENR gang after the ride at our usual meeting point before safra country club. Today, I surprised all of them by finally joining the group for night supper at lagoon hawker centre.

Finally got the chance to the taste the so called famous wonton mee. Not so good after all, as Edkor, CEO for ENR told me earlier so as to lower my expectations.

Junior, our joker of the group and crash test dummie, bought drinks for all as a repayment for saving him during his recent accident with Inda, and also offering advise for his ITB problem. Don't know if the solutions really helped.

Tomorrow Wednesday, have to test out my new running shoes from Nike, Air Zoom Skylon. Hopefully my CEO doesn't complain again about me being away from home in the evening. Well she did nag alittle that I came home late after ENR, guess she has resign to the fact that I am serious about Tri, and that's just about the only hobby I have other than work.

Well got to now........ stay tune for more updates.

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