Saturday, September 29, 2007

An Early Morning Swim

It is a friday morning, 28 Sept 2007. Got up at 6.30am, told myself that I have to swim today as it has been 2 weeks since I last swam.

Struggle out of bed, into the shower and let the cold water run onto me, wow that was a shocker cold shower in the morning. Woke me up straight away.

Took a good 10 mins walk to the pool, by the time I arrived, there was also a crowd that probably started their early swim at 6.45am.

Did a slow 2 lap warm up and off I went on my 20lap count. Initially had planned to do 30laps, but due to time constraint, settled for 20laps.

The swim went well although the pool was with quite afew swimmers. As everyone was doing laps, we were considerate to use 1 lane to 2 persons to avoid unnecessary stops.

Did a 26min for 20 laps, was all the way using breast-stroke. I felt really good after the swim, arms were a little tired, but I was feeling good.

Went back home, had a good warm shower and left for work.

Tomorrow morning, I will do my long run of 1 hrs to see how far I can get with that time.

Sunday morning will be the long coastal ride with the ENR guys.

Till my next entry, cheers

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