Monday, April 14, 2008

Ironman Langkawi not to Be - April 08

It has been a long time since I last entered my blog. I did not make it to ironman Langkawi in Feb 08. The ankle injury sustained in Oct on my business trip waas slow to heal and this put strain in my training regime.

Now after 6 months, I am 95% recovered and have begin to start my program for 2009 Ironman langkawi.

This event is a must for me as I believe that conquring Langkawi with its very strong weather condition would pose no difficulty for me in other Ironman events.

With 10 months to go, there is not much time left to ensure that langkawi becomes a walk in the park for me in 28 Feb, 2009.

Till my next entry, train safe and enjoy!

Monday, December 24, 2007

And Counting 61 days to Langkawi Ironman

Wow, splendid week this was. To begin with, it was bonus time, more $$$ means more goodies!!!.

Took 2 days off during the week to do up my little girl's room. Had a deal with the wife that if all was completed by Friday, then saturday would be my time for a long ride. Achieved!!

Saturday morning 22 Dec, 2007, seven of us set off for Pengrang- Desaru ride. First time ride into malaysia. The roads so unpleaseant with portholes at the start. But as we moved along, the roads got smoother but the ride got harder. Why, it was because of the winds that was coming from almost all directions except the rear.

At the halfway point, I was like doing 19km to 21km on the climbs and managing 25km on the downhill. It was really punishing, but a good start to understand the conditions of riding in malaysia.

Thanks to the support car from Gordon, that helped to shealth off certain sections of the windy ride.

The return leg from Desaru to Pengarang was superb, with tail wind, we were hitting speeds of up to 45km on the climbs and along the flats with slight cross winds, up tp 35km/hrs for the entire 40km.

Completed the 103km in 3hr 41mins, not really to my expectations, but considering the wind factor, it was a good ride and great company with Encik, Kevin, Frankie, Dennis, Ryan and Kai Ming.

Did a run o Sunday morning of 7km, more of a slow recovery for the muscles. Planning to do 2 loops of costal on 25 Dec followed by a short run.

In all, the mileages are coming up to speed and should be clocking 180km rides by mid Jan 08 and 42km runs by end Jan 08.

Till my next entry, ride safe and train safe. Cheers

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Entry 05 Dec, 2007 - 79 Days to Ironman Langkawi

It has been a while since I last updated.

So what has happened since the last entry?

Well for start, I got injured again. But this time was during a business trip walking down the hotel steps. Missed a step and badly twisted my ankle. This happened on 31st Oct.

So for the next 10 days after, I was only swimming and doing light spinning on the bike.

I have not clocked enough mileage yet to be confident that I would finish Langkawi in the target of under 13hours.

So far, I have only ran 12km runs with times of 1hr 5mins. Did short loops around costal and selarang climbs.

I need to up the tempo for the next 8 weeks if i want to survive Langkawi and meet my target.

In my plans, i target to do at atleast 8 long rides up to 190km, runs up to 40km and swim up to 3.5km for the next 2 months.

Knowing that December will be a wet month, hopefully mother nature would be kind to drop rain only in the night.

Another kind of interesting thing is I am comtemplating on doing XC riding during the off-season. But now I am not sure as to which bike I should get, an XC hardtail or 700C Cross bike.

Technically speaking a cross bike suits me fine as the geometry really does not need me to adjust much. And I have more comfort in riding a road geometry frame than a MTB.

Well let's see in the coming weeks, which bike I would choose as my off-season ride.

Till my next post, ride safe and stay healthy.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Counting the Days to Ironman Langkawi

After last Saturday's crash, i have taken it easy. Did mostly slow runs and long swims.

Clocked up from last Tuesday to Sunday the following

Tuesday - 2km swim
Wednesday - 8km run
Friday - 2km swim
Saturay - 10km run
Sunday - 85km ride (loops around coastal)

The back injury is still hurting, but slowly recovering.
Will be planning a brisk this saturday, 3 loops around coastal- SG Expo, and run at Bedok Reservoir.

Hopefully the weather will be good.

Just counting the days to Langkawi, another 122 days remaining.

Till the next entry, train safely.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week ending Oct 14, 2007

I have just finshed watching the Ford Ironman 2007 live on webcast. I am so impressed with all those that finished the event and especially the last finishers as they pushed themselves to the finish line with minutes to the cut-off time.

Now back to my own training week. Did not do any swim this week, but did alot of running and riding.

Here's the training for the week

Tuesday - Ride 40km.
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday morning - Run 7km
Friday Evening - Rest
Saturday morning - Ride 92km
Sunday morning- run 10km

However the saturday ride was not so pleasant as I crashed on my final km as I was negotiating the trafiic light at Tampines ave 10 and old tampines road. I flipped over my bike and landed on my back. Got a swollen lower back now and a few bruises from the crash.

But this should stop my training as I count down the days to Langkawi with 132 days remaining. Till my next entry, train safe.....

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Counting the Days to Ironman Langkawi

I am back again. We are almost to the weekend and the days seem so fast passing us. A galnce at my watch and it is remaining 135 days to my first Ironman race.

This week has so far been good, did a 40km fast ride on Tuesday with ENR and Cotes ride group. As usual, I was late for ENR, played catch up for almost 2km before seeing the sweepers of ENR. Caught up with the front group after the turn at SATS and continued to ride with Edkor until the end of the first loop. Stopped and checked my wheels which was giving some noise.

Took a short break until Cotes riders came and along them to pass a good 3 minutes before I caught up with the front guys. Lead the group from SATS turn until the Tanah merah ferry terminal.

Today morning, went for a short 5km run before work. Tomorrow morning will be doing my morning swim at 7am. Hope to complete 30laps.

The highlight for the weekend will be my plan long ride on Saturday morning and long run on Sunday. Hope that my muscles will hold well for the ride and run.

Stay tune for updates on Sunday.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Week ending Oct 07, 2007

It was a hectic week with deadlines on work assignments and limited time available for training.

Started my training week on tuesday evening with the ENR ride x 2 loops coastal, followed up with a 1 loop of coastal with Cotes. Worked out all the lactic acid and had my pulse racing to 210beats /mins for a while during the ride.

Finished the evening with a drink at the usual place for Cotes.

Wednesday and Thursday were non training days due to assignments.

Friday, went for a run in the evening, did a short 5km loop around my home.

Saturday morning, made an agreement with my daughter that I would run while she cycled to Bedok Reservoir. We did the inner track of Bedok Reservoir and made our way back home.
Covered 8km for the run.

I am still not getting enough mileages for my run. Must fit in a long run on next saturday morning, should at least do 3 loops of reservoir and back to home which should be 16KM.

This morning, did the BSKL reload ride with the ENR group. Cycled from east coast F2 to Tuas and back. We did a detour to marina south and on the way to tuas, used the flyover that stretched from Telok Blangah to Pasir Panjang. The ride on the flyover on the way back was a fast one at speeds not less than 39km for the entire stretch of the flyover. This was due to the back tailwind and drafts from the big container trucks. The total distances covered to and back was 77km with a reasonable good time of 2hr23mins.

Felt really tired after the ride, but still continued the outing with the family.

The week ahead looks better with alot of outsanding assignments completed. Hopefully I can put in a swim on Wednesday morning and Friday morning. A run on Thursday night and a long run on Saturday.

Sunday would probably be loops around the coastal road x 4 sets to try and hit the century distances.

I am also counting down the days to Langkawi with 138 days remaining. Stay tune for more updates next week.