Monday, December 24, 2007

And Counting 61 days to Langkawi Ironman

Wow, splendid week this was. To begin with, it was bonus time, more $$$ means more goodies!!!.

Took 2 days off during the week to do up my little girl's room. Had a deal with the wife that if all was completed by Friday, then saturday would be my time for a long ride. Achieved!!

Saturday morning 22 Dec, 2007, seven of us set off for Pengrang- Desaru ride. First time ride into malaysia. The roads so unpleaseant with portholes at the start. But as we moved along, the roads got smoother but the ride got harder. Why, it was because of the winds that was coming from almost all directions except the rear.

At the halfway point, I was like doing 19km to 21km on the climbs and managing 25km on the downhill. It was really punishing, but a good start to understand the conditions of riding in malaysia.

Thanks to the support car from Gordon, that helped to shealth off certain sections of the windy ride.

The return leg from Desaru to Pengarang was superb, with tail wind, we were hitting speeds of up to 45km on the climbs and along the flats with slight cross winds, up tp 35km/hrs for the entire 40km.

Completed the 103km in 3hr 41mins, not really to my expectations, but considering the wind factor, it was a good ride and great company with Encik, Kevin, Frankie, Dennis, Ryan and Kai Ming.

Did a run o Sunday morning of 7km, more of a slow recovery for the muscles. Planning to do 2 loops of costal on 25 Dec followed by a short run.

In all, the mileages are coming up to speed and should be clocking 180km rides by mid Jan 08 and 42km runs by end Jan 08.

Till my next entry, ride safe and train safe. Cheers

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